Sunday, November 7, 2010

Thank You Voters Of The 4th District!

Voters of the 4th District, I want to humbly and graciously thank you for the 4,487 votes that you cast for limited government, free markets, peace and individual liberty on Tuesday November 2nd. Add that to the 4,885 votes that were cast for Susan Ducey and together that is nearly 9,500 votes against the establishment/status quo and the tired, old two party system! Needless to say I will be watching Mr. Pompeo and calling him out when he votes against the Constitution and praising him when he does, if he actually does vote in favor of it! Mark my words, the new GOP controlled Congress WILL NOT end one Federal Goverment program, bureau or department in the next two years. The best thing about gridlock is that both wings of the Big Government Party will not be able to so easily raise our taxes and take away more of our freedoms! Onward to 2012 and check out my personal blog at
Thank you for your kind words and support during my campaign! Peace, Shawn

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